Vehicles and equipment 

We rent the vehicles safely and surely. We maintain equipment regularly and on schedule.  

Mobile hot tubs

Enjoy a warm bath  with your family or friends.

Regardless of the weather or the time of the year a wonderful experience! The tub comes with clear instructions for use and all the necessary equipment. All you need is water and firewood. 

Prices (VAT included) :

Tub 1: weekdays 70 € / day, weekend (Fri-Sun) 160 € 

Tub 2: weekdays 50 € / day, weekend (Fri-Sun) 130 € 

Pick-up and return can be arranged! Longer times as well as holidays from agreement.  If necessary, we can also fix the final cleaning as well as the transport (and heating).

Tub 1: a spacious pool with lights. For 9 people! This is the most spacious rental mobile bathing tub in the neighbourhood!

Tub 2: Round shape tub for six people, smaller amount of water and warming up quickly! 

Aku 750 boat trailer

For a boat with max weight 550kg and max length 5,5m. 

Prices (with VAT):

 25 € / 8h / minimum

 40 € / day

Avant 520 

Mini loaders offer efficiency in working. Easy to use and lightweigh Small wheel loaders can also be used on more sensitive platforms and, for example, you do not have to worry about lawn. The compact loader adapts, for example, to excavation work, landing materials and other loads along with numerous other jobs. With the necessary accessories for different jobs! 

Accessories:  Telescope boom, gravel Bucket, ripper, Backhoe with three different buckets and many other accessories.


Rent 120 € / day incl. VAT

We also rent a trailer for the transport for 20 € a day.

JM-Vuokraus also rents:

Sea-Doo Spark 90 IBR

New Sea-Doo Spark 90 IBR water scooter for rent. Very easy to use and to enjoy the summer breeze on the water. Rent includes the trailer which you can use to transport the jet to the place where you will use it.  Rent includes also two life jackets and insurance with deductible of 500€. The water scooter will be released with a full tank and should be returned with full tank.

Rent price: 120€/3h, 185€/day including 8 hours of driving, weekend 350€.

Ask for more on the phonenumber: 0400 866 338

Sauna & hot tub on wheels

Sauna and hot tub combination for rent. Awesome package to relaxation with your friends or family. This mobile sauna and hot tub weighs about 2000 kg so it can be pulled like any other trailer to your destination. It has been used as well on top of a ski lope as on a frozen lake.

Rent price: 250€/day or 400€/weekend

Call and ask for more information! Phone number: 0400 866 338